PLEASE NOTE - This section is under heavy redesign. I have shot some new architectural material this year, and intend to shoot quite a bit more before I release the new portfolio. Until then, feel free to contact me for details if you have a need. 

The following are all Uryaen Productions images, and for now, I'm keeping this portfolio pretty short, but look for new images soon! 

NOTE - While there are few client images, and few good looking examples ( other than the first one ), I am fully trained in all modern Architectural Techniques, including light painting and Twilight Composites. I have all world class production workflow, including using a wireless tethering system, multiple speed lights, various modifiers and gels, a 12' crane, and my world class color processing. Please don't let the lack of "architectural photography" chase you off. I'm looking for a WORTHY subject to feature here. If you have a Real Estate listing, or a recent architecture project, fill out this form and I'll get right back to you. Please do not email me directly until after you have filled out the form, as I will direct you to the form. 


Architectural Portfolio

Architectural Portfolio

Architectural Portfolio

Architectural Portfolio

Architectural Portfolio

Architectural Portfolio

Architectural Portfolio

Architectural Portfolio

Architectural Portfolio

Architectural Portfolio

I am fully trained in world class architectural photography techniques, I don't simply dabble in it. Fill out this form to get started, and I'll prove it. 

Also Available: 360 degree Panoramic images:

Uryaen is one of the FOREMOST founders of this photography style, and can provide shots from 1997 of the Siegfried & Roy Secret Garden, the ONLY photographer of the era allowed to shoot in this location.

I can do a very high quality 360 fairly quickly using a non Fish Eye lens and manual bracket, or if demand is high enough, I'll invest in a robotic bracket capable of gigapixel images.

Because I do not use a fish eye, my images have far less distortion. I also take mutiple expsoures for EVERY shot, and blend them in the computer. This is NOT HDR, but something much more proprietary and natural looking. 

Because I do hundreds of exposures, and do them sharper and less distorted than virtually anyone else, my fee for this type of shot will be higher than you're used to, but it's worth it, especially when I get into what is possible, such as hot spot still images, linked panos, and even embedded VIDEO, so that you can stand in the 360 and talk about the room WHILE the user looks around. 

What is a Gigapixel Image? 

The same 360 pano image, only with AMAZINGLY high resolution. So high that you can zoom in on buildings or objects MANY miles away in perfect detail. Obviously this is massive overkill for an interior, but if your listing is a high rise condo, or views the Pacific Ocean from a Mountain in Santa Barbara, or otherwise has an AMAZING view, this could be the ticket to showing that off. 


There is a LOT to go over in regard to this style of photography. If you are a Realtor or an Architect, and have high end listings, use this form

If you have questions, you can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as well, but all jobs are generated through the above forms.

Workflow mini-overview: 

For all prospects, I highly encourage you to read The Workflow Process page, as it goes over the entire booking and production process in detail, but if you just need a brief overview of Architectural shoot process, it goes like this: 

I need to know about the location(s) I'll be working with. I will need example links, images, etc. You do that using this form. 

If you are a company in need of Architectural or Real Estate images, either for editorial or advertising usage, and require a complete turnkey shoot, you will still use this form, but I will need additional time to contact, get approval for, and book the model(s). I will select my crew according to criteria for the shoot. 

Please note: If you're a Realtor looking for $35-100 shoots, I don't do those. My work is intricate, detailed, and high end, and if you're ready to move up to higher end images, contact me, but I don't do typical Real Estate listing style images. 

Once you have filled out the entire form, I will contact you immediately with follow up questions, usually within one hour if I'm not traveling or shooting at that moment. Please make sure you're available for the next two hours or so after you submit your form. 

Once I have the answers to the follow up questions, I can give you an estimate of the fees, costs, and time table for the completed delivery of the shoot or campaign, depending on how large a scale a production you require. 

I will ask you about your budget, as this will affect every other choice we can make. Please be ready with an answer to this question, because wtihout that information, I can't do much to help you. See The Workflow Process page for more on this. 

Once you approve the final details, I need to you remit a retainer according to the type and scope of the shoot. Once that is available, and I can book the crew, we can do the production.

At this stage, I will need you to help arrange for permission to use the location itself for a shoot. If you own the location, I simply need you to fill out a location permit. If not, we'll need the owner to do so, and we'll need to schedule a scouting day, if possible. 

In the case of shoots involving models, if a local model cannot be sourced, we will either have to have a model travel to me, or I will have to travel to them.  

I will execute the production, and make available the proofs usually same day, unless a lot of traveling is required. 

Once proofs are finalized and approved, the contractual number of images or more are finalized, and uploaded to a gallery that only the client has access to. 

That's pretty much it. MUCH more detail on every stage of the process is in The Workflow Process page. 

So let's get started on that product photography shoot!

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