As far as I can tell, this is the WORLD EXCLUSIVE FIRST FULL REVIEW of this figure, so enjoy!

Video Review coming soon.

1/6 scale Figure reviews are heating up on uryaen.com! First up was HOT TOYS Babydoll, then ENTERBAY Che Guevara. Today we're going to see the WORLD FIRST REVIEW of ENTERBAY Bruce Lee 1/6 Black Label. 

Figure acquired Direct from ENTERBAY for this review. 

Bruce Lee

Many of you know this, but I have a martial arts background myself. I was a very well respected full contact fighter, trained in Muay Thai and Ninjutsu. I didn't follow Lee as obsessively as many in the community, and I didn't model my fighting style after his. I modeled it more after what he TAUGHT us to do, which was to take what works, improve it, master it, and use it exclusively. 

20 years ago this year, I was near fatally injured, suffering a spinal injury that forever forced me into retirement, and I suffer every moment of every day for it. Seeing something like this is partially a reminder of that life, and what could have been, and also a chance to reflect on Lee himself, and what we as a world lost so tragically. 

I'm also closely related to Robert Wall on my mom's side ( any long time Lee fan will know who that is ), and if you're out there, shoot me an email, and we'll catch up. 

1/6 Scale?

If you’re an avid 1/6 collector, skip this section.

1/6 scale ( pronounced “one sixth scale” ) is a format of collectible figure referring to a figure that is literally, or more accurately “approximately” 1/6th the size it would be in full scale. So if a person is 6 feet tall, they would be 12” in 1/6 scale. Therefore, most of these figures are around 12” tall. Some are taller or shorter than they should be in order to accommodate the format expectations.

A huge amount of R&D goes into each figure, from sculpting to tailoring to painting. No matter how you feel about the subject matter, each of these is a remarkable work of art.

In this particular case, the figure in question is more statue and less figure, but we'll get to those distinctions soon. 

How Scoring Works for this format

The expected conventions for High End collectible readers are quite different from the ones I use on uryaen.com.  In this series, I will combine the format that people expect to see in the places where my work is republished, and I will add my particular touch to the process for here on uryaen.com.

Packaging - ****

ENTERBAY knows packaging. End of story. Thick, sturdy box, lined entirely with foam. I already gushed about these in my Che review, it's the same high quality presentation here. 

Sculpting - ****

The Sculpt is almost all you're getting here, so it better be first rate, and it is. I've included some extreme closeups to show you just HOW amazing this scuplt is. You see every last detail right down to stubble and veins. 

This was the first image I released in the preview last week, and it shows that detail beautifully. Like other 1/6 figures, I might grab a little dulling spray for the hair, but you can't complain about the face. 

It was said of Lee that he had a body like a tree trunk, and you really get that impression looking at this thing in person. 

As you know, ALL images I take are color profiled exactly. I use an X Rite chart to map the color profile and white balance. Compare my images to others, and you'll see a huge difference in color grade quality. What you see, assuming that your monitor is likewise profiled, is exactly what you get. 

There is a quiet intensity that Lee had, and this figure exemplifies this in the dichotomy of it's casual jeans and "I'm going to kill you" look. On anyone else, this would be a paradox. 

But not Lee. 

Paint - ****

Just like Che, this paint job is flawless for what it is. The larger skin areas have a texture and veininess that screams authenticity. If I had to place my doubt in one area, it's the eyes. It's not that they're globby or anything, I just don't buy them as much as some other 1/6 figures. This is a VERY minor nit, and something you're unlikely to notice or care about, but it's the one thing that kinda jumps out at me. It's not worth docking stars for though, and the fact that I have to look so hard to find ANYTHING less than perfect here is just testament to how amazing it is. 

Articulation - N/A

It's tempting to make a VERY insensitive joke right here, but as I myself have a spinal disability, I'm either supposed to be above doing this, or I'm the only one who can get away with it. 

The showcase of this piece is the body and it's detail, and having a zillion joints takes away from that. This is a mixed media statue ( or Premium Format Figure if you like ) and thus is not intended to be poseable. However, you can move the head around a very small amount. It's not fully articulate, but it's enough to give you a slightly different emotion depending on the angle you look at it from. The pictures will show you what I'm talking about. 

Lee has a post in one foot and a post hole in the other, and these match up with the opposite on the base. You cannot stand him on his own, you must use the base.

Accessories - ***

One Wing Chun Pendant. 

But it's very well done and hangs nicely. What you're paying for is the sculpt, and for some of us that's enough, but you might wish for something else to dress it up with. If you have one of the other 1/6 Lee figures, I'm sure you can. 

Outfit - ***1/2

Like poseability it's not really fair to rate the outfit on a statue. He has a pair of jeans and some shoes. The jeans are real denim, but the shoes are just molded pieces, and a bit on the too shiny side. Again, understandable given that this is a statue and the shoes are not the centerpiece.

Fun Factor - N/A

This is a display piece, and even less of a toy than a normal 1/6 figure, which you should already not be treating as a toy. 

Value - ****

He's about the same price as a current gen 1/6 articulated figure. He's more detailed, but in a way that only matters if you're looking at him under bright light and with a lens, like I did. On the shelf, his appeal may be less definitive. If you must have all Bruce Lee figures, he's worth every penny, and he's one of only 5000, so don't delay in getting your pre-order in! His exclusivity adds to his value, and I have NO doubt that this is one of those figures that will go way up in price almost immediately. 

For that, he really must get full marks. 

Things to Watch Out For

There are some dings and scratches on my base, and one corner of the felt on the bottom was already peeling upon unboxing. The pendant is also extremely delicate, but that's about it. He's very sturdy otherwise. 

Overall - ****

He's a very limited issue, extremely high detail premium format figure of a legend of a man. Bruce Lee is a giant, and he should be remembered as such. 

Next up: I did not expect this one at all, so who knows? I still really want to see Léon, and I might have to find him secondary market. If anyone out there has a MISB Léon that they'd like to donate to the cause and see treated to some amazing photography, including several "in movie" shots, email me. This really goes for any 1/6 stuff. 


This figure was sent direct from ENTERBAY for the purpose of review, and is a pre-release figure. 

I've been in communication with ENTERBAY for a while now, and they are quick to respond, and have demonstrated no reason for me to be on alert about them. 

Figure was shipped international post, and arrived in perfect order. 


Not applicable in this case, but keep an eye on these reviews.


I didn't think I'd like the non articulated figures, but if this one is any indication of the direction we're seeing with them, bring them on I say. 

As usual, come back soon for more images, and the video review. I tend to do these collector reviews in stages, adding a few images over time. 


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