Bblend - The Short Film

“Cooking with Julieanne” is an online cooking show featuring the hottest new celebrity chef. Each week, she has a special guest, and a dark secret.

BLEND is a Parody/Horror Short Film coming 2017 from Uryaen Productions.

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Aabout BLEND.

Script - Not yet completed, but will be during production of other shorts.

Cast and Crew - TBD.

Props and Materials - Props planned, not purchased.

Locations - TBD. If all else fails, I can use my house.

Post and Edit - Post not set up yet.

Can be cast and crewed and filmed readily. Do not anticipate serious delays.

We have a number of projects in the works, so sign up on the front page to be added to the mailing list to learn more.


Do you have a business that needs a commercial or short film to promote your product or service? Take a look at my Channel for two examples of commercials I produced for my own game NIGHTMARE. No matter what size production, I can put together the right crew and talent and produce the entire project from planning to delivery. Also see MONITOR being produced right now


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