Nightmare™ - The Trading Card Game. 

Set in a world of shared nightmares and featuring 13 different Phobias to deploy against your own subconscious and that of your enemies, Nightmare™ will test your ability to remain focused and escape your fears.

Deploy strategy, planning, and a bit of Delusion before you lose your soul forever in an experience that combines the familiar with the never before seen in a compelling new twist on TCG gaming.  

Nightmare was a Kickstarter Project, launched August 2nd of 2013. It did not fund, and did not gain the required PR traction. 

UPDATE 7.1.17

Hello again. I noticed an odd upswing in hits to this page over the last couple of weeks, and so I did some digging and discovered another game that uses a similar setting and some of the same mechanics. As my game was launched on KS several years prior to this, it's not worrisome to me who was first. It's also interesting because I've secretly been working on updates to NIGHTMARE, and am talking to potentional funding sources. I have not completely redesigned the game itself, but I have come up with a solution to making to the game more "consumer friendly" so you don't have to invest as much to be able to play. The new version won't be sold in blind packs, but in prebuilt deck boxes, and those will all be built around each of the 13 core Phobias. This means you can build effective decks with an investment of around $30. 

I think you're going to love the result, plus there are MANY new cards, four new card TYPES, and a number of new mechanics being added to the core game. 

Stay tuned, and I'll update this page and the official site when I'm ready to talk more about it!

Update 5.12.16

There has been a lot of activity on the Nightmare page of this site recently, and even several instances of Google searches specifically looking for the game, and aspects of it’s design. So I thought an update might be in order.

I launched the Kickstarter for Nightmare almost three years ago after months of exhaustive work and the final result was that less than 700 people even saw the campaign during its run due to the way Kickstarter hides projects that aren’t already doing incredibly well. This means that if you don’t have massive activity on day one, your project won’t be seen by random people and you will lose momentum.

I could not afford a PR firm at the time, and was assured by all involved that I would not need one, and many people contributed by sharing massively on their social media profiles, but that type of reach just isn’t nearly enough.

After spending many months and many thousands of dollars building the project, ( and even being about half way into designing the first expansion before the campaign even launched ) and seeing it fail that hard, I got burned out on the whole idea, and shelved it indefinitely, which remains true to this day.

I do not have amazing news. The project is still effectively dead. It was designed from the ground up to be a CCG, and some people suggested turning it into other genres of card game, which would require scrapping literally everything and starting over with the same theme but an entirely different game. Instead of doing that, and facing the same failure lacking a PR firm, I decided to move on.

I am currently writing and planning films and tv shows, but I am open to reviving this project if someone wishes to fund the production of the first product release, but I will not attempt crowd funding ever again. Since 2013 MANY high profile crowd funded campaigns that raised MILLIONS of dollars have crashed and burned, and the landscape of crowd funding is very different, and probably not the best route for something like NIGHTMARE.

So if you arrived here because you found the project fascinating and wish to fund its production, email me, and we’ll look into what it will take. Otherwise, it will remain in its current stasis and may be revisited again when I can fund it myself. A lot of you believed strongly in the project, and I do as well, and hope to see it released someday.


What Makes Nightmare™ Different?

Nightmare™ isn't your typical cookie cutter clone.

Nightmare™ shares some very fundamental TCG conventions with other games but the core structure and setting is completely unique.

We're going to explain everything as we go along, but what you're in for can best be described as "wicked" in every sense of the word.

Nightmare™ will also feature AchievementsDLC, and many more world first features! There's even a Novel Length Storyline planned! See the FAQ for more on all of this. 

About the Game Structure

There are 121 different game cards. ( with a stretch goal of 242! )

Players design and build a single deck made up of a certain number of cards.

Card Types

Nightmare™ doesn't have "spells" and "creatures", it features Phobias, Entities, Delusions, Doubts, Uncertainties, Guilts, Synaptic Misfires, Paranoia's, and Entropies.

You can read all about each on the main page, but the structure of the game is very unique. 

The Kickstarter Campaign

Set to launch in August, the campaign will be supported by world famous artists, and shared heavily by top industry producers. We anticipate a successful campaign, but there are B plans even if it doesn't succeed. 

The campaign has an extremely aggressive funding goal, 13 levels of rewards13 Stretch Goals, a fully transparent budget, world famous artists, a potentially novel length storyline, and much more. 

Industry Quotes:

"Having spent years studying the psychology of horror for my Alice games, I might be the closest thing our industry has to an expert on the topic. From this perspective, I can say that NIGHTMARE is one of the best researched, executed and visualized games to explore this theme. There's a level of detail and understanding here that's truly terrifying." - American McGee, Spicy Horse Games

"I have been involved with the trading card industry for 20 years. The cards you are producing for NIGHTMARE are some of the coolest looking TCG cards I have seen in a very long time. While most everything out there is anime, or some sort of castles and dragon medieval make believe, These cards are REAL, the concept is FRESH, and the artwork is FANTASTIC. I am very excited to see a very original product like NIGHTMARE come to life!" - Matt Linderman, PBM Graphics

Gaming and Toy store Quotes:

“We typically do not carry CCG, but after viewing the Nightmare preview, we are going to sign on to retail this exciting new game” - Joel, Big Bad Toy Store


That's Nightmare in less than 500 words! Excited? You should be. Scared? You better be. See more at

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